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“I came to Ethical Humanism because of my self-work in trying to reconcile my knowledge of science with my religious beliefs (at the time I was a Christian). As this process evolved, I first came to see the "creation story," from the beginning of the Hebrew bible, as possibly an aboriginal description of the "Big Bang" and evolution of our universe to the point where life evolved on Earth. I then questioned how humans could have imagined such events and whether or not it was possible for such information to have lived in memories throughout our evolution from bacteria to homo sapiens. This caused me to study other religions and scientific history much more deeply than I had done during my years in school. Because of these studies, at some point, it became irrelevant to me how the "creation stories" and the various religious laws later came to exist. I realized that the important things to know are the values by which we live - cherishing all life, the planet, and working to live in peace with one another and all living things. And the best expression of these values within a "belief system" that I have found is Ethical Humanism.” - Lon Diffenderfer

“After leaving the world of religious dogma behind, I looked for a community of like-minded people who would be involved with two critical efforts: helping fellow human beings overcome hardships and protecting our greater mutual environment on Earth. The Susquehanna Valley Ethical Society, a branch of the American Ethical Union, is such a group. I thought I would have to go outside the area to find what has been established and is expanding right here in Lewisburg!”  - Nancy Kimball 

“I am the mother of a child with disabilities. It's means a great deal to me to be part of such a wonderful group of people. They are accepting, supportive, and loving to me and my family. In our world today, it's not always easy to find such a place where we can really feel comfortable, valued, and welcomed with open arms. If we could only imagine living in world where everyone could find that kind of coexistence. Love and respect between people. People who are genuinely interested in each other’s lives and learning experiences. People who outstretch their hands and hearts to really hear you and try to understand. For my family and for generations to come, it may be the only way we survive as a society.”  - Maria Belkadi

“There is so much strife in our world brought on by people's intolerance (fear) of others with differing religious views, skin colour, sexual identities and orientations, economic "class", educational achievement, or a myriad of other circumstances which make up a part of each human. Humanism strips away the perceived threat of these differences, celebrates them, and accepts all because we first are all human beings with an obligation to care for one another. I want to be a part of the peace this realization brings, and to bring this message to others.” - Kim Eaton

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